Shawna's Platform

Shawna's Platform

I am dedicated to being a REPRESENTATIVE of District 22. I am dedicated to being the voice of District 22.

I am dedicated to being a voice of Minnesota.

My goals are simple: Foster a strong, independent Minnesota that re-invests in itself to ensure self-reliance and a thriving economy without sacrificing our farmers to big-box farms.

Join me as we usher in the coming years adjusting for modern times and maintaining the time-tested morals, ethics, and standards that have kept us Minnesota strong for so long.


Minnesota is filled with intelligent, hard-working individuals. I propose creating a space to make sure that intelligence is fostered and young people are given guidance so that their future is their best future and that best future happens in Minnesota. 

  • Universal preschool

  • Increase support staff in school

  • Address needs of infrastructure within aging school buildings

  • Competitive wages for teachers

  • Pre-trade school curriculum offered in high schools

  • Increased vocational counselors in high schools to assist in developing individualized cirriculums

  • Seek out steps to decrease student loan debt


Our investment in our young people helps retain them in Minnesota.

By giving our youth the education they need to succeed they can be contributing members of society that will help our great state socially and economically.

I am talking to educators and will continue to be pay close attention to the educational needs of our communities so that every child's future can be optimized for their happiness and all of our futures.


There is no question that Healthcare is a hot topic and for good reason. Our nation is only as strong as our weakest citizen so we need to make sure we are all taken care of whether you're insured or down on your luck and without it. Without healthy residents, we are not a healthy state so it's in our best interest both ethically and economically to insure the medical safety of our residents.

  • Expand Medicaid to include the uninsured, underinsured, and farm laborers. 

  • Expanding Medicaid to include mental health services

  • Regulating healthcare costs

Our investment in the health of our residents will ensure there is a healthy work force to keep Minnesota going strong.

By discussing and analyzing the healthcare costs we can start to plan accordingly and anticipate our needs. We need to work towards the goal of making sure everyone, regardless of economical status or pre-existing condition, can get the healthcare they are entitled to in a 1st world country.

I plan to keep in close talks with various people within the industry to ensure the needs of the agriculture community are met and respected.

  • Pro independent, sustainable farming

  • Tax incentives for corporations to invest in independent farming

  • Let farmers farm without politicians or large corporations dictating how to do their job

  • Listen to the needs of farmers and farm laborers

Farmers a part of the very foundation of our lives; without them we would not have the bountiful food resources we do. 

It is essential that we insure farmers are listened to and have their needs met so they can thrive, not just under the umbrella of a corporation, but as independent farmers who have carved out their own livelihood.

Racial Concerns/ Discrimination

When many of our forefathers touched their boots on this land they were foreigners. Because of them, though, this nation was moulded.

As new people join this nation to continue to mould its future, we must adapt as a civilized community to allow them and permit our own futures to flourish with their contributions as citizens, residents, and, more importantly, as people.

  • Equality in the quality of school districts

  • Greater access to English as a 2nd language class for adults

  • Reduce ICE involvement

  • Increase police education in racial concerns and de-escalation techniques

  • Increase access to legal aid when going through immigration process

  • Creation of the Citizen Police Accountability Board​


I will work closely with members of the community who are new or relatively new to Minnesota as well as Minnesotans who have been here for generations and will be an asset to assist and offer insight to what it is to be a Minnesotan while retaining beloved cultural traditions, foods, religion, etc. that we have the freedom of embracing as Americans.

By coming together we can start to have more conversations and began to have more insight into each other's stories as well as learn about one another from Lefsa and Ludefisk to Samosas and Sambusa and everything in between.

Health Emergency Response Plan

H1N1, Ebola, and Coronavirus have been recent illnesses and the threat of spreadable disease and illness does not end. As we look forward we need to look at continuing an emergency response plan to deal with illnesses that threaten our community.

  • Tiered system alert

  • Targeted response by District

  • set thresholds for closing and opening decisions

  • Trained Reserve nurse force

  • Long-term training for National Guard

Fair and Modern Labor Laws

Minnesota is known for incredible work ethic and a get-it-done attitude. 

We want to ensure all those who are working can flourish under fair and modern labor laws.

  • Increasing worker protections

  • Regulating a 40-hour work week

  • Reducing racial and sexual discrimination that is still occurring in many rural workplaces

Mental Health

After working in mental health and serving the mental health needs of the people of District 22 for nearly 7 years, I have seen firsthand areas where we need to improve. I would like to work toward expanding Medicaid to cover mental health services for all Minnesotans, even if they have another private insurance. Too often, I have seen individuals not receive the care they need because their insurance co-pays were too high. I would like to see mental health care access and services improved for veterans, the farming community, and the minority communities. As a state, we will also need to work to reopen essential residential facilities for adults and youth that have been closed in recent years due to lack of funding. Mental health services benefit our most vulnerable, and we must ensure that those services are ready and available when needed. 

  • Working to reopen residential facilities

  • Focus efforts to provide mental health care to agriculture community

  • Increase school counselors to better serve the children, reduce safety risks at school, and increase ability to learn and be successful at school


As a part of my mental health platform, I would also like to see law enforcement agencies receive additional training on mental health, how to de-escalate a situation when confronting a person who is suffering with a mental health condition, and increase their understanding of why certain behaviors occur with certain mental health illnesses. I believe that training like this can assist in reducing the force used in these situations and possibly save lives of both the mentally ill and the police officers. 


  • Changing regulations to allow women to choose their own counselor

Widespread Broadband Coverage for Greater Minnesota

  • Bring affordable and reliable broadband access throughout greater Minnesota

Legalize Cannabis

  • Utilize increased tax revenue to support social and educational legislation

  • Invest in research on long term effects of cannabis use

Clean Energy
  • Move toward clean energy sources (solar, wind, thermal)

  • Provide education for oil/coal workers to change to clean energy fields

Gun Access
  • Enforce existing background check regulations

  • Support Red Flag resolutions

Campaign Finance Reform
  • Keep federal financing out of state and local elections

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