Hi, I'm Shawna Marshall.

I grew up with the strong belief that if you wanted change, you have to create change.

I used that philosophy as I worked in clinical counseling for mental health over the past six years in the 5 county area to create greater ease and stability for our citizens. 

And I'm using that philosophy again as I see my beloved nation struggle.

And I'm starting right here in my very own community.


We have all seen the partisanship and sensationalism stemming from Washington D.C. and I want to ensure that does not take root here in Minnesota.

Minnesotans are not about sensationalism. We are not about partisanship. We are about getting things done. We are about personal responsibility and helping our neighbor when they stumble. We are about building a stronger community that contributes to a stronger nation.


I have a vision of the Minnesota I want for my neighbors, for my sons, and for our future. 

I have a vision of an inclusive nation that values each citizen for the contribution they are.

And I have a passion for making sure that Minnesota remains strong and retains the individual values we hold so dear.


Join me and let's create the changes necessary so we can exceed even our own expectations.

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"One of Us"

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